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You have an idea you’re dying to share, but you might not have the time or patience to conjure up a killer book. Your future bestseller exists in a mythical dimension, waiting for you to give it form. Fate has brought you into the realm of ghostwriting…

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Our talented team of ghostwriters will help you bring your book out from the shadows and into the light of day. Our custom packages will fit your budget and showcase your unique voice on every page.

We will transform your ethereal ideas into a complete manuscript, incorporating your feedback at every step to guarantee satisfaction. And because our talent is out of this world, your readers won’t even know we exist.

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Supernatural Satisfaction

Our process is designed with you in mind. We schedule time to fully understand your vision through one-on-one interviews with our founder. Then we’ll pair you with a ghostwriter who specializes in your genre and can embody your voice with spooky accuracy.

Possessed with Passion

We are a small team of experienced ghostwriters who emphasize a personal, intimate approach to each project. When you work with Write it Great, you’re hiring a team of passionate artists, not a written-word assembly line. We take the time to understand you and your ideas, so we can craft the perfect book.

Questions or comments? Contact us through a clairvoyant, or send an email to andy@writeitgreat.com



Ghostwriting is penning a written work for someone else. Typically, a ghostwriter is not credited for their writing. If you hire a ghostwriter to write your next memoir, you will be credited as the author. We are invisible and productive: the best kind of ghost!

A ghostwriter listens to their client’s ideas and weaves together an organized, comprehensive, and authoritative text. Ghostwriters combine their research and your knowledge to argue for all your best points.

Our process promotes partnerships between clients and ghostwriters though these steps:
    • Interview
      • You’ll speak with an interviewer for one-hour sessions to develop an outline. You’ll be asked guided questions that will help organize your thoughts and anecdotes.
    • Transcribe
      • The interviews will be recorded and transcribed to use as source material. These resources will be given to a ghostwriter with the most experience in your area and voice.
    • Ghostwriting
      • Our talented ghostwriter casts a spell and POOF, a chapter emerges.
    • Review
      • Your feedback will be instrumental in updating the drafts before they go to print.
    • Publish
      • When everyone’s satisfied with the story, we can publish it for you. No need to outsource — we’ve got it all here!

You’ve found us! Get in touch with us through our Request Form and we will match you with a perfect-fit ghostwriter who specializes in your area.

Our rates are flexible with the scope of your project. We have several packages available, depending on your needs.

We always ask new clients this question! Our goal is to help you achieve your vision in the best way possible, so we believe you should decide when the project has been successful, not us. We’re not happy until you're satisfied with the book.

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